Robin Quirke (they/them)

Every workshop I facilitate:

  • Begins with some history around how the culture in which we find ourselves, and the ways many of us were programmed to think, grew out of colonizer strategies to control people and resources. When these truths are brought out into the light, the possibility of choice-making presents itself. Do those of us who were indoctrinated into the dominant culture want to continue Living, Thinking, and Being with others in this way?
  • Is designed to meet the needs of the group, be it educators, health and wellness practitioners, therapists, social service nonprofits, etc.
  • Leans into, with respect and care, how the acknowledgment and healing of personal, ancestral, and cultural trauma is key to dismantling white supremacy and doing the work of growing a new culture.
  • Can be designed for a racially-mixed group or for just white folks.

Some examples of workshop topics: re-imagining culture (dismantling white supremacy culture from our bodies, minds, souls, relationships, institutions, and community), the myth of objectivity, and cultivating belonging (e.g., understanding gender diversity, understanding the impacts of microaggressions).


One-on-One Sessions:

I also offer confidential one-on-one support for white folks who are looking for a space to work through stuckness in unraveling their whiteness. As a white person, and as a side-dish to the rich sea of incredible BIPOC teachers and guides, what I offer is an understanding of what it feels like to be on the path of understanding whiteness and how it shows up in me, and what I have learned along the way in my own development, as well as what I learned working with other white people. These sessions can be a useful first step in developing a workshop for a small group.


A little about me:

My background is in research psychology and education, and I received facilitation training through the San Francisco Coalition of Essential Small Schools iGroup Facilitator Training.  As part of what I bring to everything I do, I am a learner of Internal Family Systems and ancestral healing, and am getting braver at admitting I have become a dabbler in connecting with the Spirit realm (an unexpected life-changing opening I shifted into while working towards the undoing of white supremacy within myself). If you want to get to know me a bit, you can check out my podcast “Cracks in the Cement” by clicking here.


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